SBD Arms, LLC - Company Message
Under Construction
If you dont see what you need please fell free to ask!
FFL transfers                 $20.00
NEW Parts: Repair & Replace $10.00 for first 15min. $25.00 per hour+ cost of parts
Wood/ Stock Refinishing: Stripping of old finish and your choice of
         Oil, Satin or Gloss finish.                          $50.00-$80.00
          Rifle; basic barrel and action                     $35.00    
          Rifle; stock removal, full detailing               $35.00-$50.00
          Pistols & Revolvers                                  $15.00 and up depending on time spent
  Depending on part size- Trigger/Hammer to Rifle Bolts   $20-60.00      
Scope Mounting:
  Rings lapped, bore sighted                                   $60.00           
Recoil Pad Mounting               $50.00
  Depends on Remove and Replace or if Stock cutting and drilling are needed.

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